Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How big is "the little Big Band?"

A. The band includes Piano, Bass, Drums, 3 Trumpets, 3 Trombones, 5 Saxophones and a Vocalist, for a total of 15 musicians.

Q. 15 musicians is a lot of people. How much space does the band need?A. We need a minimum area of 15 feet wide by 20 feet deep. We prefer a larger space, but we can do fine in 15' by 20'.

Q. How does the band dress?

A. We strive for a professional appearance and performance to make your event one to remember. We dress for the occasion. Typically the men wear black tuxedos and the women wear black outfits and for less formal affairs we have uniform shirts and pants.

Q. How loud is the band?

A. Most rock and roll bands and DJ's are louder than we are. They crank up the volume knobs all the way! "the little Big Band' is largely an acoustic ensemble. The bass player and keyboard player use small amplifiers and we use a PA system for the vocalist and solos. For larger affairs, such as outdoor concerts, we do use full band amplification.

Q. What kind of music does "the little Big Band" play?

A. We feel that our demo CD is representative of our musical direction and quality of the band. We play for our audience. Although much of our repertoire is swing, dance, and big band jazz, we include a mix of Latin, rhythm 'n blues and early rock 'n roll. A representative music list is available.

Q. My great Aunt Margaret does a wonderful rendition of "Melancholy Baby." Can she sing with the band at the event?

A. You, as the sponsor, can guide us. We are committed to providing the highest quality performance. If Aunt Margaret can come to one of our rehearsals we'd be happy to allow her sing it with the band. If the request is "spur of the moment" and we can play the song, we will ask you to make the decision.

Q. "the little Big Band" costs more than a DJ. Why would I want a live band instead of pre-recorded music?

A. Music is not a passive thing. Music is exciting and touches people in many different ways. When you dance to a live band, you and the musicians are not isolated from each other. There is an interaction between the musicians and the audience that is undeniable. Just as it takes two people to tango or two people to fall in love, it takes both a live band and an audience to work the magic that is music. Your event is special, and a live band - The Little Big Band - will make it perfect with music, style, and swing.